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Dr Phil Larwill assists the Borroloola dog health program

1 Jun 2012 - News
I recently had the opportunity and luck to visit Borroloola on the western coast of the Gulf of Carpentaria, to assist Mabunji Aboriginal Resource Centre in continuing its successful program of dog health in the local communities, camps and outstations. It was my first trip to this part of Australia and, being at the end of a late Wet, the country...

Volunteer positions available with Vets Beyond Borders

24 May 2012 - News
The Vets Beyond Borders VetTrain program provides training to Indian veterinarians, veterinary assistants (paravets), animal handlers and program managers. The vet/paravet course is a 15 day training course in basic surgery (asepsis, tissue handling, suture materials, desexing technique for flank and midline speys, anaesthesia, and associated...

Two cheeky dogs with a healthy message

13 May 2012 - Education program news
Brian Radovic, Barkly Animal Control Officer and Environmental Health Worker, and Frank O’Donahoo, Indigenous Environmental Health Officer, Tennant Creek giving the message of healthy dogs and healthy communities at Ali Curung.  The community is a significant place for the Dog Dreaming. The kids at Ali Currung School also enjoyed dressing up as...

Isolation and capacity in remote Indigenous communities

13 May 2012 - Animal management worker program
In April 2012 AMRRIC Animal Management Worker program manager Dr John Skuja travelled with the Barkly Shire Animal Management team to Alpurrurulum. Alpurrurulum is, almost 600kms drive from Tennant Creek, making it one of the most remote Indigenous communities in the Barkly Shire. It had been several years since a vet had visited and there was...

Dog health program visits remote Groote Island, East Arnhem Shire

13 May 2012 - Animal management worker program
In response to urgent requests from the Angurugu Shire Services Manager, East Arnhem Shire Veterinarian Dr Emma Kennedy organised to service Angurugu community on Groote Eylandt with a week-long visit. Groote Eylandt is about 50 km from the eastern coast of Arnhem Land and is the homeland of the Anindilyakwa people. AMRRIC program manager Dr Jan...

Canberra vets travel to Utopia NT for dog health program

12 May 2012 - News
AMRRIC members from Canberra, including Dr Alison Taylor and Dr Michael Archinal have travelled to Utopia north of Alice Springs to run a dog health program supported by Urapuntja Health, Barkly Shire and AMRRIC. Utopia is a group of outstations 350km north east of Alice Springs, and has had minimal vet services prior to August 2011. This is the...

Dr Marika Ley reports from the Pilbara

10 May 2012 - Volunteer stories
 "I got my first ever surgery induced blister from doing surgeries from 8.30am-4pm but we accomplished 43 desexings." I was looking forwards to escaping a week of Melbourne's wintry weather and the challenges that awaited me on my first week as a volunteer vet for AMRRIC. Our group consisted of 3 members from environmental health for the Pilbara...

Dog health programs in "The Western Australia Indigenous Storybook"

8 May 2012 - News
The Storybook is the first in a series of Indigenous Storybooks showcasing the achievements of Indigenous people and communities across Western Australia. This edition celebrates and shares the good news coming out of the Kimberly and Pilbara region. The dog health programs are featured in the stories "Let"s Work Together" and "A Jouney in Dog...

Be a Friend to Your Dog

1 May 2012 - Education program news
The Be a Friend to Your Dog project was rolled out at Mamaruni School at Minjilang on 26th April. Unlike children in urban areas, all children in remote schools come into contact with dogs – even if they don’t own one. The activities were well received by the students, who were engaged and interested. Students are asked to try and recognise dogs’...

AMRRIC 2013 Annual General Meeting Documents

9 Apr 2012 - News
Agenda 2013 AGM 2013 AGM Proxy Form AGM and DINNER Invite 2013 AMRRIC Board Nomination form AGM 2013 Minutes of the AGM 2012


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