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AMRRIC 2014 -2015 Annual Report

Download the AMRRIC 2014 - 2015 Annual Report

AMRRIC continues to be a strong and dynamic organisation. Over the past twelve months, it has demonstrated its capacity to accommodate both internal and external change, whilst remaining focussed on a vision of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities that are healthy and safe for people and their companion animals. 

The finalisation of the Animal Management Worker Program (funded by the Northern Territory Aboriginals Benefit Account) and its evaluation have provided AMRRIC with a road map for future strategic directions.  The Program has also provided us with valuable tools that will continue to promote and assist the further development of Animal Management Worker roles across the Northern Territory.  

In September, our One Health – Indigenous Community Animal Management conference drew speakers and delegates from around the globe to learn about the challenges of delivering effective animal management. Attendees also shared inspiring stories of projects that are improving the lives of people and animals in communities around the world. 

The AMRRIC Board came together in May for a strategic planning meeting which resulted in the new AMRRIC Strategic Plan which will guide our operations for the next three years.

We continue to be grateful to the generosity of our funders.  Special mention must go to the Federal Minister for Indigenous Affairs for his unwavering support of our work, and to the NT Animal Welfare Fund for supporting our Education Officer, Melissa Pepper, in her role over the past 12 months.  Our growing number of donors, supporters and volunteers provide us with ongoing financial, emotional and physical support, and for that we thank each and every one of you.

The work we do with Indigenous communities demonstrates the emotional and physical connection between animals and their human companions.  Our visual storytelling helps our supporters engage deeply with our work.

Within the AMRRIC team we have farewelled Janice O’Hare (Administration Officer) and Pritika Desai (Education Officer). We thank them for their contribution and enthusiasm and wish them well in their future endeavours.  Greg Owen joined the team in January in the role of Education Specialist.  And, of course, special mention must go to Julia Hardaker who retired as CEO in December 2014.  We thank Julia for her excellent leadership, commitment and belief in AMRRIC during her seven year tenure.   

I joined the AMRRIC team in February 2015 and have been impressed by the commitment, dedication and enthusiasm for our vision and purpose expressed by staff, volunteers and the board of management. I thank the AMRRIC team for providing me with a warm welcome and the AMRRIC board for the strategic guidance and direction as I have settled into the role of CEO.   

In closing, I would like to echo Julia’s sentiments by sharing my belief that the brilliance of AMRRIC lies with its ability to facilitate and coordinate partnerships . It is these partnerships that will continue to drive the change that will improve the health and wellbeing of companion animals in remote communities, and thus the health and wellbeing of the people who live with them. 

Thank you 
Kim McCreanor


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