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AMRRIC awards Life Membership to Dr Stephen Cutter

Dr Stephen Cutter (L, pictured with Dr Peter Stephenson) has been a long-time supporter of AMRRIC, including 15 years as a volunteer on AMRRIC’s Board and providing remote Aboriginal community vet services for 22 years. Photo credit:

In 2018 the AMRRIC Board unanimously agreed to the awarding of AMRRIC Life Membership to extremely worthy AMRRIC supporter, Dr Stephen Cutter. Fortuitous timing allowed AMRRIC Board President Dr Peter Stephenson to present Dr Cutter with his AMRRIC Life Membership at the April 2019 AMRRIC Board and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Group face to face meetings in Alice Springs.  The following is an exert of the speech that Dr Stephenson made while presenting Dr Cutter with his Life Membership.

"Steve was a founding member of AMRRIC which was formed here in Alice Springs in 2002 before becoming incorporated and formally launched in 2004.  Even prior to the establishment of AMRRIC, Steve was part of the movement to get coordinated action in remote Indigenous community vet services and was part of AMRRIC’s predecessor – the Big Lick – from 2000-2002.  For those who don’t know that bit of history you can imagine – when you type ‘Big Lick’ into any search engine - why our original name had to change!

Steve’s service on the AMRRIC Board spanned an incredible 15 years – from 2002 to 2017.

But Steve has not just been a long term contributor to the strategic direction and growth of AMRRIC, he has of course continued to make an enormous contribution to animal health and community wellness through vet service provision on-the-ground in remote Aboriginal communities throughout Australia. Steve has modelled what an AMRRIC vet service looks like for decades.  He is a natural and truly committed bush vet.

When I first joined the AMRRIC board, I was told Steve was a ‘great practice builder’. I figured that must be the case because he led successful local vet businesses in Palmerston/Darwin for a long time.  But as I heard about his next community travel plans and observed his regular social media posts from remote settings across the NT and WA in particular, I also wondered whether he wasn’t more likely a ‘great practice avoider’.          

I think the truth is Steve is a ‘great vet practitioner’ who is committed to providing a level of service for remote communities that is taken for granted by those of us who live in towns and cities. Sustaining that commitment over the decades demonstrates Steve’s passion and drive to assure that access to service for community animals and their owners. 

Steve is a true role model for remote community veterinary practice and has made a significant contribution to AMRRICs work – both on the ground and in the board room.  It is for these reasons we are proud to have Dr Stephen Cutter as an AMRRIC Life Member."

AMRRIC congratuates Dr Cutter on his Life Membership and thanks him for his decades of committment to our vision.  We look forward to continuing to work with Dr Cutter and his team from The Ark Animal Hospital.

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