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AMRRIC Education Resources Reach Africa

Morris excitedly opening the kit after its long awaited arrival

In the last edition of AMRRIC eNews we filled you in on a great resource we developed called the AMRRIC Education Resource Kit. If you don’t recall you can read all about it. Since then news of this highly valued resource has spread far and wide with AMRRIC recently receiving a request from the founder and Executive Director of the Liberian Animal Welfare and Conservation Society (LAWCS), Morris Darbo, to have a kit donated for use in local Liberian communities.

AMRRIC was happy to support the wonderful work of LAWCS by providing this resource knowing the positive impact it can have on communities, so commenced with many emails and logistical steps to ensure the kit was sent securely to its destination. This included ensuring that every item of its contents were separately bubble wrapped, taped, tied and padded with newspaper to prevent damage during the course of the 15,601km trip across the world. It was an exciting day in the AMRRIC office on the 19th of April 2017 when the kit was passed on to Australia Post for dispatch via air mail and then by local courier to the LAWCS headquarters in Vionjama Ciety Africa.

After more than two months the kit arrived and we received an email from Morris saying:
“We are currently studying the materials sent to start using them very soon. We want to engage in a community education program.Pics of the program will be sent to you.Once more, thank you very much for the informative and educative materials sent for our program.We are so grateful to all of you there for the support.”

AMRRIC wishes to thank Four Paws Australia for helping to make this possible by covering the kits material contents as well as the freight charges incurred.


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