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AMRRIC's long-term education partnership at Lajamanu

Learning about their dogs’ needs using AMRRIC's school-based educational resources

Ongoing and consistent delivery of education is critical to successful long-term attitudinal and behavioral changes. With this understanding, for the past four years, AMRRIC has been delivering education in partnership with the Lajamanu School, located around 890km from Darwin. Lajamanu School Principal, Juliette Coco is a big advocate of AMRRIC’s school-based education programs, and having worked in Lajamanu for the past nine years, Juliette is witness to the importance of regular education delivery and the benefits to community and animal health, safety and wellbeing that such education brings. 

During AMRRIC’s recent trip to Lajamanu in November, AMRRIC’s Education Officer Courtney Falls delivered an educational program which supported the concurrent veterinary program being delivered by The Ark Animal Hospital. Delivering concurrent veterinary and education programs maximises veterinary outcomes and offers unparalleled engagement opportunities. The school students accompanied Courtney to the surgery site, enabling them to meet the vets and gain an understanding of the surgery process. Visiting the surgery is a great learning opportunity for all students and often is an experience which has long-lasting impacts – remaining the topic of discussed long after the program has finished. 

Lessons delivered within the school included and focused on empathy, feelings, needs, hygiene and care. Summoning their creativity and critical thinking skills, students participated in dog collar design, soap making, environmental impacts of cats, dog anatomy, sock puppets and dog headbands. Within its Be A Friend To Your Dog package, AMRRIC has developed a wide range of lessons to support the learning outcomes of the Australian National Curriculum, focusing on and contributing to the development of Literacy, Numeracy, Health and Physical Education, Science, Arts, and Humanities and Social Sciences. By engaging with AMRRIC’s responsible pet ownership sessions, these key learning areas are further supported, contributing to greater educational outcomes for the students. 

The combined veterinary and education program at Lajamanu was a great week with a total of 112 students engaging in education sessions. The veterinary team also desexed one cat and twenty-two dogs, as well as delivering companion animal antiparasitic medication door to door. AMRRIC looks forward to continuing to deliver education in partnership with the Lajamanu School, assisting in working toward improved understanding of animal needs and a community-wide culture of responsible pet ownership.


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