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AMW Capacity Building

Last month, six AMRRIC trained Indigenous Animal Management Workers (AMWs) from East Arnhem and Barkly travelled to Sydney with the AMRRIC team to undertake additional training in humane and safe dog handling provided probono by the International Dog Academy. To increase the exposure and experience of the AMWs from the NT, the visit also included a visit to the RSPCA and Sydney University veterinary teaching hospital.

The International Dog Academy has expertise exceeding 25 years in specialty dog training working with Australian and international governments as well as the pet industry and utility organisations. Their education programs include long and short certificate courses and work experience courses for companies, individuals and secondary educational providers.

Training provided for the Indigenous AMWs aimed to ensure the maximum level of skill in regards to the safe handling of dogs for transport and around surgery. This included the skills to recognise and respond to dog behaviour. Although AMRRIC provides this training in the field, the International Dog Academy enabled AMWs to broaden their skills in the Academy’s specialist facilities and also gain recognised certified qualifications for future vocational development.

AMRRIC staff attended the training to give tailored guidance in the practical components of the course, contextualizing training material for the AMWs’ unique working environment. This first ever collaboration received positive responses from Indigenous AMWs. “It was great see the dog body language demonstrated because we come across that every day at work. Those dog handling techniques are really good to know.” said Scott Spurling Animal Management Worker from Barkly.

Thank you to the International Dog Academy for partnering with AMRRIC to build the capacities of the Indigenous Animal Management Workers. We look forward to future collaborations which lead to greater skill and expertise in animal management in remote Indigenous communities.



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