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Crossing the globe to share education

Students helping to promote animal education and kindness with AMRRIC’s education resources

Back in April 2017, we shared a good news story about the arrival of one of our Education Resource Kits to Liberia, Africa. AMRRIC was contacted by the founder of the Liberia Animal Welfare and Conservation Society (LAWCS) Morris Darbo in late 2016, regarding the need for additional education materials for their programs. Since this time LAWCS education programs have grown considerably with over 27,117 students receiving humane animal education programs within their schools and around 5000 community members receiving animal welfare education. Morris Darbo’s team is made up of predominately volunteers and they work passionately to deliver animal education within the communities of Liberia.  

To support their education delivery the LAWCS team now utilises many of AMRRIC’s education resource from their very own AMRRIC Education Resource Kit. AMRRIC’s Education Resource Kits were funded by FourPaws Australia. LAWCS’ kit has allowed their team to incorporate a number of new materials and lessons into their existing education programs. The diversity of resources has enabled further engagement from communities within Liberia, helping to share knowledge, empower local individuals to make informed decisions regard the health and welfare of their animals, and allowed the passing of knowledge between communities.  

Seeing the need for a greater educational reach and with a staff of only 3.5 at AMRRIC, the Education Resource Kit was developed to increase the delivery of animal education across Australia. We feel honored and privileged that one of our kits now resides in Africa and that our dreams to make animal education accessible to all, is very much a reality. If you would like to learn more about the variety of free-to-download educational resources that AMRRIC has developed, please visit and select ‘School Resources’ under the Resource dropdown menu. 

Please also head over to to learn all about the wonderful work Morris Darbo and his team are doing in Liberia. They truly are the example of what passion, determination and hard work can achieve.  


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