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Engagement ignites uptake at Darwin Town Community veterinary programs

Booking in for the works - Desexing, Microchipping and Registration

Engagement is the key to the success in all of AMRRIC’s work.  Ongoing and consistent engagement between veterinary service providers and communities promotes the development of positive and respectful relationships. These relationships not only strengthen the bonds between owners and their animals by equipping individuals with the skills to make informed decisions regarding the health of their animals, but also contribute to healthier, safer and better managed animal populations. 

Thanks to generous and ongoing funding from Yilli Rreung Housing, and with support from Darwin City Council and The Ark Animal Hospital for the last seven years AMRRIC has facilitated annual veterinary visits to the nine Indigenous Town Communities within the greater Darwin region.

The town communities of Bagot and Minmarama were the recipients of one such visit on the 28th of November.  Bagot and Minmarama have received ongoing support from AMRRIC and Darwin City Council through the delivery of antiparasitic medication every 8-12 weeks for the past five years. These visits have promoted responsible pet ownership, built strong relationships between the community and AMRRIC and Darwin City Council, and supported owners in managing the health of their companion animals. The annual veterinary visit to these communities compliment this work and enable residents to access free veterinary services including desexing, microchipping, minor surgeries and antiparasitic medications. In addition to these services, this year, funding from the INPEX Australia - Itchys LNG Project enabled the provision of lifesaving vaccinations against the deadly parvo virus, and the provision of dog identification collars.  Dog collars are a great tool both for dog identification, and helping to promote a sense of owner pride in their animals.

Across the two communities, the success of AMRRIC and Darwin City Council’s work to build relationships within the communities was evidenced by the strong engagement with the veterinary services on offer.  A total of 12 dogs and 10 cats were desexed on the day, and other procedures delivered included an eye assessment, hair clip and toenail clip. It was a wonderful collaborative day spread between the two communities and AMRRIC thanks Yilli Rreung Housing for their ongoing support, and INPEX Australia for their generosity to ensure these much needed services continue to be delivered.    


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