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A health lesson in caring for your family dog

24 May 2016 - News, Education program news
Caring for dogs requires considerable learned knowledge.  By engaging community members in discussions about caring for dogs, AMRRIC education programs reinforce basic health concepts.   AMRRIC (Animal Management in Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities) coordinates veterinary and education programs in remote Indigenous communities.  Our...

AMRRIC team contributes to canine transmissible cancer research

22 May 2016 - News
Veterinarians, AMRRIC Program Manager Jan Allen, Board Member Stephen Cutter and Board President Ted Donelan are co-authors of the ground breaking dog cancer research paper - Mitochondrial genetic diversity, selection and recombination in a canine transmissible cancer.  This significant research shows how the world’s oldest cancer “metastasised”...

The arrival of the dingo in northern Australia

28 Apr 2016 - News
The people from South Sulawesi in Indonesia probably introduced dingoes to Australia, according to research by the University of New England and Griffith University. Archaeologist, Dr Melanie Fillios from the School of Humanities and Professor Paul Tacon from Griffith University looked at genetics and archaeology to find out the exact timing of...

Watu Manikay - the Dog Song with Shellie Morris and Ramingining School kids

13 Apr 2016 - News
The children in Yr. 2/3 Class Ramingining School and singer songwriter Shellie Morris have collaborated on a song called Watu Manikay. Watu Manikay means Dog Song in Yolgnu Matha, the language group of the East Arnhem region. You can hear it here - Watu Manikay The class worked with Shellie to write this song about looking after your dog.  It was...

PhD Scholarship - Dog ownership and human health

11 Apr 2016 - News
PhD Scholarship - Investigating the influence of dog ownership on human health Charles Perkins Centre &  the School of Public Health at the University of Sydney, have two PhD supplementary scholarships available for suitably qualified candidates from human health-related or veterinary disciplines. The aim for the broader research project is to...

Volunteer Spotlight - Simone Armstrong in Yuendumu, Yuelamu, Nyirripi

14 Mar 2016 - News, Volunteer stories
AMRRIC member Simone Armstrong recently volunteered her skills on a veterinary program in Yuendumu, Yuelamu and Nyrippi. Simone shares her insights about volunteering for AMRRIC here.  What did you do for the program? I volunteered as a vet nurse on the program, doing my best to ensure vets had everything on the unsterile side of surgeries ready...

Volunteer Catherine Tiplady shares her experience

23 Feb 2016 - News, Volunteer stories
AMRRIC member vet Catherine Tiplady recently volunteered her skills on a veterinary program in Yuendumu, Yuelamu and Nyrippi. Catherine said "Volunteering with AMRRIC made me feel that I was truly making a difference for the health and wellbeing of Indigenous communities and their animals." What did you do for the program? I volunteered as a...

Education workshop and ideas exchange for Animal Management Workers

18 Feb 2016 - News, Animal management worker program
AMRRIC hosted an education workshop at our office in Darwin, the training was designed to support Animal Management Workers who will be delivering learning resources to school students in their local community. Animal Management Workers and Vet Nurses came from afar afield as Groote Island, Yirrkala and Tennant Creek to attend. AMRRIC expects this...

Spotlight on Phillipa Dhagapan - Animal Management Worker

4 Feb 2016 - News, Animal management worker program
Image: Jackie Hingston, Phillipa Dhagapan, Melissa Pepper and Courtney FallsPhillipa Dhagapan is an Animal Management Worker (AMW) working for the East Arnhem Regional Council.  Animal Management Workers support the council's veterinary services and provide expertise on dog health and management to the local community. Phillipa shares her...

Staff Spotlight - Bonny Cumming Program Manager

1 Jan 2016 - News
Left to right:  Tony Gunanganuwuy, Bonny Cumming, Virginia Barrat and Jan Allen Our Progam Manager Bonny Cumming volunteered as a vet in 2008.  She became a keen supporter and joined our staff as a coorindator for the Animal Management Worker Program in 2013. She shares her insights about the experience of working in remote communities. I work for...


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