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NT Legislative Assembly Members recognise AMRRIC's work

The Northern Territory Government recently passed a new bill – the Animal Protection Bill 2018– which brings the NT up to scratch with similar legislation in other jurisdictions, and importantly, will bring about improvements in local animal welfare standards and protection.  During the Legislative Assembly debates regarding the bill, AMRRIC’s work was praised by:

- NT Minister for Education; Minister for Workforce Training, Hon. Selena Uibo: Member for Arnhem

- Mr Scott McConnell MLA: Member for Stuart

- NT Minister for Housing and Community Development; Minister for Public Employment, Hon. Gerry McCarthy Member for Barkly

- Assistant Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Mr Chansey Paech MLA : Member for Namatjira

- Minister for Aboriginal Affairs; Minister for Primary Industry and Resources; Minister for Arafura Games, Hon. Ken Vowles Mla Member for Johnston

- Assistant Minister for Suicide Prevention, Mental Health, Disability, Youth and Seniors, Ms Ngaree Ah Kit: Member for Karama

AMRRIC is grateful for, and humbled by the public acknowledgement from these Members.  

“AMRRIC has always been an organisation that aspires to lobby Ministers, advocating for sustained support and funding commitments for animal management in remote Indigenous communities.  What has tended to happen however, is that with our limited capacity, our facilitation and delivery of veterinary and education services have taken precedence" said AMRRIC CEO Dr Brooke Rankmore. "We are delighted that so many of the NT Legislative Assembly are aware of AMRRIC’s work, and supportive of our approach, despite the limited opportunities we have had to engage with them to date.”

AMRRIC thanks Ministers Uibo, McCarthy and Vowles, Mr McConnell, Mr Paech and Ms Ah Kit for their public support.  AMRRIC also thanks Mr Bob Gosford at who has been a vocal AMRRIC supporter over many years, and who recently featured Minister Uibo and Mr Connell’s comments:

AMRRIC looks forward to working with the Northern Territory Government to assist in implementing the new Animal Protection Act.



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