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Dog washing is a family affair

Ramingining is a small community of around 800 people in East Arnhem land, where AMRRIC has been delivering education about caring for dogs for the past two years. This work supports the East Arnhem Regional Council Animal Management Program which provides veterinary services to the community. As a result of consistent education and veterinary programs occurring, changes in behavior have resulted in improved health and wellbeing of the dogs that reside there. Such significant change was worthy of celebration during AMRRIC’s next education visit to the community.

Discussions with the Ramingining school followed and it was decided that the upcoming education visit would become a week-long celebration of all things dogs, and so the concept of The Ramingining Dog Festival was born. With a huge amount of collaborative work behind the scenes from AMRRIC, the Ramingining School and other local agencies, the concept came to fruition. 

The resulting week started with singer/story teller Morgan Schatz Blackrose, teaching the school students doggy songs and stories. Education Officer Courtney Falls supported the music program by delivering 13 lessons across the school to promote responsible pet ownership. In efforts to further compliment the education program, the wonderful and enthusiastic staff of the Ramingining School organised a whole school dog education rotation where the students moved between activities that reiterated messages of responsible pet ownership. 

On the Wednesday night the hydro bath that was set up for some dog pampering was eagerly received by community members. Around 20 dogs were bubbled and scrubbed until they were squeaky clean, much to their owner’s delight. Next up was the screening of the movie “Red Dog” on an inflatable movie screen for the whole community to see. Ramingining’s enthusiasm for their dogs did not stop there though; the Ramingining Dog Festival that occurred next brought about excitement, joy, and pride in being a responsible pet owner. The festival was supported by a number of community individuals who worked tirelessly until night fall to create a memorable and well-supported event. This was evidenced by an outstanding presence from the community who came to purchase dog goodies and parasite treatments, whilst enjoying the waterslide, BBQ, dog craft table, dog face painting, games and the much talked about “best looking dog competition”. With around 25 entries for the best looking dog competition, the competition was fierce, but was ultimately taken out by a small tan crossbreed called Narritjan, who won the title with a combination of looks, charm and tricks. 

AMRRIC commends the community of Ramingining on their collaboration, enthusiasm and initiative in responsibly managing the health of their dogs.

See more images from the Ramingining Dog Festival here.


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