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Recycle, Reuse, Recreate

Melinda having fun painting the family dog bed

Each year AMRRIC enjoys promoting and participating in National Reconciliation Week events and this year was no exception. AMRRIC was invited by the City of Darwin’s, Family and Children’s Services team to support their Reconciliation activities in Bagot Community, involving The Fun Bus. The Fun Bus is a mobile playgroup service which provides parents, carers and children from infants to 5 years of age programmed activities. 

With a focus on animal care and wellbeing, AMRRIC Education Officer, Courtney Falls decided that the best way to involve all community members, including the four legged kind, was to create tyre dog beds. This required Courtney to undertake a treasure hunt, seeking support from Dulux (Winellie), Goodyear Auto (Darwin), and Courtney’s extended network for the donations of paint, pillows, tyres, pillowcases and sheets. 

The day was a huge success with a number of families engaging with the dog bed making activity. A total of 5 dog beds were made by members of the community, which were all artistically designed. While all precautions were taken to ensure that the paint stayed on the tyres and not on the individuals, there were some rogue paintbrushes which managed to find their way onto the clothes of many participants! Of course, the paint used was very safe for humans and dogs alike.

To further support the day and to ensure that no community members missed out, Courtney delivered antiparasitic treatments to all Bagot community dogs. The administration of antiparasitic treatments within the Town Camps is a monthly program facilitated by AMRRIC and the City of Darwin. Funding support by Yilli Rreung Housing Aboriginal Corporation enables the ongoing treatments within the local Darwin Town Camps. Dogs are fed (and eagerly anticipate!) a small palatable sandwich containing medication for internal and external parasite.

AMRRIC’s ongoing work within the Town Camps continues to strengthen and build relationships. We look forward to our continued collaborative work with the City of Darwin and the Darwin Town Camp communities.


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