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Singing the Lonely Jarntu song in Lajamanu

AMRRIC’s Education Officer Mel Pepper travelled with Indigenous singer songwriter Shellie Morris to Lajamanu to do song writing workshops with children from the school. 

Shellie worked with the Year 3/4 class to write a song called Lonely Jarntu, a story about a sad camp dog whose family has gone on holidays to Yurrampi Sports Day. The story had a happy ending when Jarntu hears the familiar sound of his family’s car coming up the dirt road. His family is home, he feels happy in his heart, and he cries no more. 

The story was translated into Warlpiri with the help of Warlpiri teachers Belinda and Roger, and put to music by Shellie. The students voices were recorded alongside Shellie’s to produce a song, a very proud and exciting moment for the students. 

Thank you to the Lajamanu Progress Aboriginal Corporation for their support of the project, and of course big thanks to Shellie and all the wonderful teachers at Lajamanu School.

Lonely Jarntu
Lonely jarntu by himself(Lonely dog by himself)
Crying the night away
Warlaju gone on a holiday (Family gone on a holiday)
To Yurrampi Sports Day (to Yuendumu Sports Day) – 
Warlku kuyu (He has no food)
Warlku warlaja (He has no family)
Warlku jinta juku(He is all alone/by himself)
Yulami Yulami I Yulami (He cry, he cry, he cry)
Yulami Yulami Yulami (He cry, he cry, he cry)

Lonely jarntu by himself(Lonely dog by himself)
Hears a familiar sound
Kick up and starts to run 
Ngurrju rduku rduku (He has a happy feeling in his heart)
Ngurrju Kuyu (He has food)
Ngurrju Warlaja (He has family)
Ngurrju Kaaga (He has friends)
Yulanja Wangu Yulanja Wangu 
Wangu Jarntu (No more cry, no more cry, no more cry dog)

Yulanja Wangu Yulanja Wangu Jarntu (No more cry, no more cry, no more cry dog)



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