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Staff Spotlight - Greg Owen Education Strategist

I work for AMRRIC as the Education Specialist

Greg OwenI came to AMRRIC because I heard about AMRRIC from a friend.  AMRRIC was going through a period of change and expansion and it seemed like an exciting opportunity to be a part of something very worthwhile.  And it is proving to be.

What do you enjoy most about working for AMRRIC?  

I am enjoying the opportunity to apply my many years of experience in schools education to another field of education.  The goals are very different – I work with adults now and not students aged 10 to 15 years. In schools, I try to convince principals and staff that AMRRIC’s education resources are both user-friendly to teachers and relevant to their school community.  And in both cases, they are, so it is an easy product to believe in and promote.

What has been your most inspiring moment in your work with AMRRIC? 

Seeing how attached children are to their dog friends.  Check out the cover photo on the main webpage for ‘Be a Friend to Your Dog’.  You’ll see what I mean!

What is the most challenging aspect of your work? 

The content in the ‘Be a friend to Your Dog’ teacher resources is very meaningful to Indigenous students.  It also teaches skills and attitudes that will benefit both animals and people in the community in a very significant way.  But all schools are very busy places with a ‘crowded’ curriculum.  Just getting the attention and interest of busy principals and staff can be a challenge but, in the end, all schools recognise that improving the health and welfare of animals is a worthwhile undertaking and that the school is well-placed in the community to make a real difference.

How do you balance remote work and life’s other commitments? 

That’s an easy one because I don’t have to spend any time consciously achieving a balance.  I enjoy most things about remote landscapes and communities.  By the time I’m approaching the end of my field work, I am looking forward to some city time.  And vice versa – it just seems to work out

What have you learned from working at AMRRIC? 

Much the same as I have from other organisations whether they are in Australia or elsewhere.  The best outcomes occur when people work together in a spirit of professional courtesy and collegiality.  It's happening here at AMRRIC during a very ambitious year of development.  The next few years could be quite exciting.



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