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Volunteer Spotlight - Graeme Blanch visits Ti Tree, Alyuen, Wilora and Laramba

AMRRIC member vet Graeme Blanch recently returned from a veterinary program in Ti Tree,  Alyuen, Wilora and Laramba in the Central Desert region, NT.  This is Graeme's second volunteer trip for AMRRIC and he shares his insights here.

This time I flew to the Alice, met Linda who had driven down with Jackie from Tennant Creek, and Abby who flew in from Darwin. What a team!

We spent the first night at Aileron, then set up camp at Ti Tree in a borrowed house, spending time at Alyuen to the south, and then Wilora to the north, and then we went to Laramba 200km west of the Stuart Highway.

It was pretty hot the first few days ( 38C) but a bit cooler at the end of the week. Our accommodation which was a borrowed house at Ti Tree was comfortable and had air conditioning. We set up a surgery on the back verandah, which was really great in the cooler late evenings after dusk, except when the power went out in the middle of a surgery. Thank goodness for head torches.

Most of our work was desexing, however we also amputated a dogs front leg with unhealed fractures, and a toe with pretty bad osteomyelitis.

A lot of families were slumbering during the hot day, so we would revisit in the mornings and evenings to talk to them about what their family dogs needed. Having Jacqui was fantastic, despite being from a different language group, Jackie could talk with the families and work out which dogs needed our attention.

The community of Laramba was beautiful, clean and the people welcoming and had a great feel to it.

A highlight was working with Linda, Jackie and Abby and Linda was meticulous with her planning and procedures. I will definitely return to help out again in some capacity.


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