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West Arnhem Regional Council supports a phenomenal program

The extraordinary Maningrida team

At the request of West Arnhem Regional Council (WARC) AMRRIC gathered a handful of extremely experienced principal vets and vet and vet nurse volunteers for a week long surgical desexing program in one of Australia’s biggest Indigenous communities, Maningrida.  This community on the coast of the Arafura Sea has a fluctuating human population of around 2500 with a dog population of between seven- and eight-hundred. 

The team of 11 included two local liaisons, five vets (including one AMRRIC staff member and two AMRRIC volunteers), two vet nurses (including one AMRRIC volunteer), and two general assistants (both AMRRIC staff members). The team worked symbiotically talking with community members about the services on offer, picking up and returning animals home, desexing dogs and cats, and treating mange, Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumours, minor cuts and lumps and bumps.

Despite a busy surgery schedule, most of the team even managed to attend the serene and moving dawn service at 5.30am on ANZAC day, and visit the Women’s Centre to see locally-screen printed masterpieces and Maningrida’s beautiful art centre.  

Thanks to West Arnhem Regional Council, the surgery facilities were ideal, and combined with a phenomenal team, enabled outstanding outcomes with a total of 232 animals desexed (148 dogs and 84 cats) and many more treated for injury or illness. The community was open and welcoming to the services offered, reflecting a trust in the process thanks largely to Dr Ted Donelan’s longstanding work in the community.  The support from West Arnhem Regional Council was second-to-none.  While they returned exhausted, the effort that the incredible team put in will have long lasting beneficial impacts in Maningrida.

Thanks to everyone who helps to bring this amazing program together!  AMRRIC looks forward to continuing to work collaboratively with West Arnhem Regional Council and Maningrida stakeholders.



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