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Our vision, purpose, values & direction

Our Vision

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities that are healthy and safe for people and their companion animals.

Our Purpose

To collaborate with rural and remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to improve the health and wellbeing of their companion animals and the health, wellbeing and safety of communities.

Our Values


  • For the communities with whom we work, our supporters and our colleagues
  • For Indigenous culture and traditional knowledge
  • For the diversity and individuality of all people


  • We work to clearly articulated objectives in a transparent manner
  • We seek to achieve the best use of resources


  • We are honest, open and transparent
  • We avoid real, or apparent, conflicts of interest

Outcomes Focus

  • All our decisions are framed around the question “How will this help the communities with whom we work?”


  • We work with communities


  • We integrate our programs and work with others

Our Direction

Our current strategic plan details our intended strategic direction as an organisation.

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