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Animal Health Program National and State policy

AMRRIC’s commitment to evidence-based, best practice animal health programs is now increasingly recognised by government at all levels. AMRRIC is contributing to the development of national and state policy, with staff sitting on key policy committees.

The AMRRIC National Best Practice Model underpins the base level standards set for the federally funded National Remote Service Delivery (RSD) project. This project, run as a National Partnership between the States and Territories, will be delivered over the next 2 years across 6 national remote Indigenous communities. AMRRIC holds a seat on the National Steering Committee for the rollout and final evaluation of the RSD Animal Management Programs.

AMRRIC is represented on the Australian Animal Welfare Strategy (AAWS) Companion Animal Welfare Group (CAWG), and on the Cyclone Disaster Plan sub-committee of the Northern Territory Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (AWAC).

Drug procurement, use and storage by non-veterinarians in the Northern Territory is currently under consideration. AMRRIC’s Program Manager is playing a key role through facilitating discussions between the Poisons Control Manager of the Department of Health and Families, Department of Resources, NT Veterinary Surgeons Board, and the Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Training and Education.

AMRRIC contributes to animal health and welfare policy relevant to remote Indigenous communities

Policy development includes:

  • Development of the AMRRIC veterinary accreditation process to peer review
  • Contribution to the Northern Territory Veterinarian’s Act Second Discussion Paper 
  • Participation in the public consultation on the Draft Medicines, Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Bill 2011 
  • Liaison with the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Council’s Petsmart program, proposed for introduction into relevant Northern Territory outlets 
  • As Northern Territory representative, participation in the national Wild Dog Management steering committee of the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Council.

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