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Education programs

AMRRIC believes that the key to improving animal welfare lies in the education and empowerment of local community members. AMRRIC’s education programs fall into two main areas – community education and schools education.  Each supports and complements the other.

Community Education Programs aim to achieve sustainable dog management practices at community and household level.  Community education programs support the veterinary programs by building the awareness, understanding, and engagement of Indigenous community members.

By collaborating with all stakeholders in companion animal issues - community residents, health workers, schools, government and the general public, we achieve more sustainable outcomes.  Our staff work alongside community members to develop resources that are meaningful, culturally appropriate and, whenever possible, in the language of country.

School Education Programs
AMRRIC partners with schools in remote communities to deliver education programs that engage students in issues of dog health linked to human health and wellbeing.  The schools program extends beyond the school gate by engaging with community liaison officers, parents, community members and Animal Management Workers. 

Be A Friend to Your Dog Package 

Be a Friend to Your Dog is a school resource comprised of unit plans and accompanying learning resources suited to students from Foundation (Preschool) to Year Six. It addresses dog health and welfare and related human health issues. The activities in Be a Friend to Your Dog have been developed in close partnership with remote Indigenous communities and are also aligned to the Australian Curriculum’s Content descriptions and achievement standards. 

Download the National School Curriculum linked Be a Friend to Your Dog Teachers Package

AMRRIC invites schools to join us in partnership, contact our 
Education Officers for advice. In addition to partnerships, AMRRIC provides a range of services and teacher-friendly resources that support schools in remote Indigenous communities. 

AMRRIC’s education team delivers education programs and develops resources, including: 

AMRRIC resources can be found at the AMRRIC resource library.

Kids in Ali Currung in Cheeky Dog costumes
School kids in Ali Curung enjoy dressing up in Cheeky Dog costume


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