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A significant component of AMRRIC's work is education, capacity building and the sharing of knowledge. We have developed a range of outstanding resources to support our training workshop, school education programs and field programs.

Dog Desexing Operation - Community Booklet

This resource is a short booklet used to support comprehension/understanding of surgical desexing for dogs. The booklet is aimed at adults with limited English language and/or literacy skills, and...

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Dog Worms - AMRRIC Education Resource

Dog Worms Powerpoint

This PowerPoint presentation focuses on worms and the risk they pose to both animal and human health.  It covers two common types of worms found in dogs - hookworms and roundworms - and looks at...

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AMRRIC First Aid for Dogs

Dog First Aid Booklet

This 25 page booklet was developed by an AMRRIC veterinarian in 2014, and is intended as a guide to basic first aid treatments and procedures that can be performed by dog owners that lack access to...

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AMRRIC Dog Feelings Charades Game Cards

Dog Feelings Charades

The aim of this activity is for students to develop a deeper understanding of dog body language and what dogs are trying communicate. Students select a picture card and then use role play to act out...

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Pups 'n' Bubs DVD

A DVD resource containing songs that celebrates living with dogs in remote communities. The songs also promote specific health, welfare and safety messages to children. Please visit the link below to...

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AMRRIC Annual Report 2015 - 2016

Over the last 12 months, thanks to your support, AMRRIC has facilitated veterinary programs in 92 different remote communities and homelands. During these programs 1015 dogs and cats were safely and...

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Limurruŋ Waṯu Mala - Our Dogs

Limurruŋ Waṯu Mala - Our Dogs is a resource for school children in Djambarrpuyŋu.Story by AMRRICIllustrations by AMRRICFirst published in 2015 Published by Shepherdson College, Literature Production...

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Keeping your dog healthy pamphlets

Keeping your dog healthy - 5 pamphlets

Barkly Shire Educational Pamphlets

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Be a Friend to Your Dog - Unit 4 Activities

Be a Friend to Your Dog - Unit 4

Unit FourA DOG CENSUSActivities | Healthy Dog – Healthy Community

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Be a Friend to Your Dog - Unit 3 Activities

Be a Friend to Your Dog - Unit 3

Unit ThreeWHAT YOUR DOG NEEDSResponsible Dog Ownership

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