Dog Feelings Activity Sheet

This resource developed for school years 3 to 4 aims to share knowledge on the importance of correctly understanding how a dog is feeling by looking at their body language, to ensure the animals rights are respected and our personal safety is ensured. The download...

Dog Face Masks

This resource for school years Transition to 3, is a fun art activity in which students color and design their own dog mask. Three dog face templates are provided for the activity. The download includes Dog Face Masks.

Dog Biscuit Recipe

This resource developed for children and adults, is a fun and interactive cooking activity, which supports knowledge of dog care and needs. The download includes the Dog Recipe Card.

Dog and Cat Puzzles

An interactive and fun art activity developed for school years 1 to 4. Students develop their own animal puzzle using templates provided. The download includes Dog and Cat Puzzles.

What Cat, That Cat….How Many Cats?

AMRRIC is continually working to develop meaningful education programs and resources. What is the main aim and purpose of education you may wonder, well without education we cannot learn and therefore we are unable share new knowledge/information with the individuals...

Dog and Cat Collars

This lesson plan for school years 4 to 8 aims to share awareness on the responsibility of owning a pet. Students design their own personalised pet collar using a range of materials. The download includes teacher’s instructions.

Dog Activity Sheet

This craft activity for school years 2 to 4 assists students in developing their own dog profile. The download includes the Dog Activity Sheet template.

Cat Pom-Pom Toy

This lesson plan for school years 4 to 7, aims to use prior knowledge of the predatory behaviours of cats to make an interactive cat toy. Students understand the importance of mental and physical stimulation to ensure pet wellbeing and health. The download includes...

Cats Needs Booklet

This lesson plan for school years 1 to 3, assists students in creating their own book, focusing on the fundamental resources needed to keep cats happy and healthy. It is recommended that the activity “Cat Needs Bag”, is played prior to this lesson. The download...

Cat Needs Bag

This lesson plan for school years Transition to year 2, aims to share knowledge of the essential resources cats need to live active and happy lives. A fun and engaging activity which encourages children to think about the responsibilities of owning a pet cat.