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'Dog Health Programs in Indigenous Communities’ plus ‘Caring for Dogs, Community & Country’ DVD learning package

The learning package includes AMRRIC’s manual ‘Dog Health Programs in Indigenous Communities’, in PDF format plus the ‘Caring for Dogs, Community & Country’ video all on one DVD. The price is only $45 including postage. These resources are ideal for Environmental Health Workers and Animal Management Workers.

Dog Health Programs in Indigenous Communities Guide

This comprehensive guide has been written as a reference for people wanting to make dogs healthier in their own communities or in communities they work in. The Guide is highly visual, colourful and contains drawn summaries of text information as well as photos of relevant diseases and signs of disease. It can be used for information and pictures for community or school education.

Topics covered in the guide:

  • Dogs, the Environmental Health Practitioner and dog programs. 
  • Planning your program
  • Dogs, germs and immune system
  • Germs that cause diarrhoea
  • Worms in dogs that can get into people
  • Common skin problems in dogs
  • Other common dog sickness
  • What we use to kill parasites – treating mange and worms
  • Dogs are not dingoes
  • Dog breeding
  • Stopping dogs breeding
  • Putting animals down (‘finish’): euthanasia
  • Dog bites, the law and the EHP
  • Animal welfare
  • Running a pound
  • Record keeping and program evaluation
  • Types of records 
  • What the shop can stock

Caring for Dogs, Community, and Country

The DVD 'Caring for Dogs, Community, and Country' is a great tool for Environmental Health Practitioners as well as for use in community stores, schools and health centres. The script was written in consultation with Indigenous Environmental Health Workers and has an all Indigenous cast and narration. Local actors Tibby Quoll and Environmental Health Worker Christopher Blow are the main 'stars' in the DVD.

See excerpts of:

Topics covered on the DVD are:

  • Ticks and Fleas Worms 
  • Desexing your dogs 
  • Caring for Country P
  • Preventing Skin Sores 
  • Safety around Dogs

$45 including postage

Dog Health Programs in Indigenous Communities DVD Package

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