Recognising feelings cards is a list of A4 cards each showing a drawing of a dog or human face expressing feelings (such as happy, angry, sad, worried and hot) or corresponding text (e.g. I am happy, I am angry). Print the sheets off and get students to group corresponding emotions and text together. This resource helps students understand how to recognise dog feelings by looking at the dog’s body language. It also helps students recognise that though different, people and dogs share emotions like fear, anger and happiness. Also available as a single A4 page activity sheet that requires cutting into sections (link to recognising feelings activity sheet).

Part of Dogs feelings lesson plan.

Keywords: compare and contrast, dog feelings, emotion, behaviour, activity sheet, dog posture, happy, scared, worried, angry, sad, thirsty, hot, recognis, feel, SOSE, empathy, welfare, behaviour

Author: Adam