AMRRIC recognises that whether you’re in a community to live, work or visit, it’s helpful to have the skills to manage interactions with free roaming dogs so you feel confident and safe. These videos discuss dog behaviour and body language, and how to recognise the danger signs and avoid getting bitten. They use useful case studies and examples to help you feel more confident in your interactions with dogs in remote Australian communities.

We also have a limited number of DVDs available, please contact us if you would prefer a copy that can be viewed offline. AMRRIC wishes to thank the Northern Territory Government for funding the Staying Safe Around Dogs DVD.

Staying Safe Around Dogs Video Series

Working With Dogs

This video is ideal for people who encounter dogs during their work in remote communities. It includes the importance of dogs in culture, identifying dog behaviours, safety tips and what to do if a dog attacks, as well as some case studies from community workers .

Living With Dogs

This video is ideal for people living in remote communities. It includes great tips for training dogs, information about how to look after dogs, as well as identifying dog behaviours, what to do if a dog attacks and some useful safety tips.

Author: Adam