A Training Partnership Central to Meet Community Needs

AMRRIC has a long history of developing & delivering community education programs relevant to rural & remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across Australia.  These programs operate alongside our veterinary programs & aim, via the principles of One Health, to improve the health wellbeing of both animals & people. 

Yirralka Ranger using the AMRRIC app with East Arnhem Regional Council Vet Nurse.

Historically, AMRRIC’s animal management focused capacity-building training has been non-accredited as there were essentially no nationally-endorsed accredited training units that were relevant to the unique context of remote Indigenous communities. To fill this gap, over the last few years, AMRRIC have advocated for, and been working with a variety of stakeholders to develop contextually relevant animal management focused accredited training packages. With these units and skills sets now endorsed and available through the national Vocational Education and Training framework, we can now turn our attention to developing and soon, delivering these foundational training packages. 

In an exciting development, AMRRIC has recently partnered with Ninti Training, who are part of the Ninti One Limited group and have completed many great projects and initiatives in Indigenous health, research, education, Aged Care, disability and employment over many years.  

 Ninti Training are an accredited Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and will be developing the training resources for our accredited training in animal management for remote communities across Australia, including the skill sets ACMSS00031 Promote Animal Health in Remote Communities and ACMSS00034 Animal Management Coordination in Remote Communities. 

These skill sets will give local community members, Rangers, Environmental Health Workers (EHW’s), Animal Management Workers (AMW’s), council staff and other key stakeholders the skills and knowledge to effectively manage companion animal health and populations in remote communities. 

The resources will be reviewed by an expert animal management and training industry reference group and will then be trialled in community to ensure they are best-fit for community training purposes. Our goal is to have the resource pack and registered training organisations ready to deliver accredited training program in companion animal management for remote communities early in 2023. 

If you are interested in learning more about our our foray into accredited training, please get in touch: info@amrric.org