Animal Management Needs Assessments underway in FNQ

Local dogs in Yarrabah awaiting their tasty parasite treatment
as part of the community needs assessment census delivery

With support from the Australian Government and our generous supporters, AMRRIC is pleased to be able to offer a pro bono service, undertaking Animal Management Needs Assessments in partnership with Far North Queensland Indigenous Local Government Authorities.   

There are constant challenges that remote Indigenous LGA’s face around sustainable resourcing for animal management programs. Through this project, AMRRIC Project Officers will be visiting participating communities and offering a professional and confidential service to highlight these issues and assist councils with future strategies. During the visit, a community animal census will be conducted house-to-house, sharing knowledge with residents whilst administering free anti-parasitic medications to all animals. Working alongside animal management staff, providing on-ground training and recording animal health data onto the AMRRIC App. The App can then be accessed by councils to assess their activities and track progress over time.  

AMRRIC App in use

Interviews will be conducted with staff and other nominated council members to evaluate the current local animal management capacity and a full findings report presented back to the council. AMRRIC aims to help LGAs to identify and evaluate deficits, capture health and population data and contribute to high level advocacy. The needs assessments will highlight the requirements of not only the LGA’s involved in maintaining services but also the needs of community residents and their animals.  

 With a number of Needs Assessments already underway, and additional assessments booked in the coming months, it’s going to be busy time for our Project Officers! 

 If you think an Animal Management Needs Assessment would be beneficial for your Council or community, please get in touch: