Animal-Related Education

Local engagement, knowledge and skills are critical to the sustainability and effectiveness of remote community companion animal health and management programs.To enhance animal health and management outcomes, AMRRIC has developed a variety of animal-related educational resources, activities and programs.

School Education Programs

AMRRIC considers schools to be an integral component of the delivery of animal-focused education. Targeted school education programs focusing on animal empathy, care, feelings and safety, strengthen the service delivery of animal management programs.

AMRRIC’s educational resource Be A Friend To Your Dog (BAFTYD) supports the delivery of animal education within schools. It comprises four-unit plans and accompanying learning resources suited to students from Transition to Year 6. The units, which align with the Australian Curriculum, have been developed in close partnership with remote communities. The units are also endorsed by the Northern Territory Department of Education.

Whilst BAFTYD can be delivered independently by teachers, AMRRIC can also provide this education. We regularly visit schools to deliver the program and train the staff to deliver the units. We also support school-based initiatives such as dog weeks, events and programs.

In conjunction with BAFTYD, AMRRIC has created a number of easily accessible and user-friendly resources, focusing on responsible pet ownership. These resources have been developed in collaboration with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, ranger groups and education professionals.

AMRRIC’s school-based educational resources can be downloaded for free. Each resource comes with a detailed lesson plan and accompanying templates. For more information on our range of resources, or to have one of our education officers visit your school please contact us.

Community-Wide Education

Tailored community-wide education programs aim to share abundant animal management knowledge. We aim to help people make informed decisions regarding the health of their animals, themselves and their community.

Community-wide education allows AMRRIC and its partners to develop and maintain trusting relationships with community residents. This enhances outcomes in terms of program effectiveness and animal health, as well as community engagement and empowerment.

Wherever possible, AMRRIC aims to support animal management programs through the delivery of community-wide education. This occurs at a door to door level, through engagement within community groups and at local community events. We place emphasis on responsible pet ownership.

To enquire about the delivery of a community event or program in your area, please contact us.

Tools And Training for Environmental Health And Animal Management Staff

AMRRIC understands the unique and sometimes daunting challenges that Environmental Health and Animal Management staff can face in delivering effective animal health and management programs in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Despite this, we believe that building the capacity of local staff to deliver animal management activities is the best way to promote responsible pet ownership in the wider community.

AMRRIC aims to assist Environmental Health and Animal Management staff to deliver best practice animal health and management programs. Therefore, we have developed a variety of tools and resources. This includes the AMRRIC App and AMRRIC’s Animal Health Programs in Indigenous Communities – an Environmental Health Practitioner’s Guide.

We have built on the foundations of AMRRIC’s previous Animal Management Worker program. Therefore, we can deliver context-specific, on-the-job training to the staff undertaking animal management activities within their communities. This crucial education increases the skills and knowledge of environmental health and management staff.

Get in touch to learn more about how AMRRIC can assist your organisation to deliver best practice animal health and management programs.