By reaching out to your friends and loved ones, you can raise funds to support our work in remote communities and awareness about AMRRIC. There are many fun and creative ways to fundraise on AMRRIC’s behalf: our supporters have held dog shows, hosted movies nights and auctioned artworks!

Everyday Heroes can change the world

AMRRIC has partnered with Everyday Hero to offer our supporters the simplest way to community fundraise. You can now set up an AMRRIC Everyday Hero Supporter page so that family and friends can support your fundraising efforts. A Supporter page is a special webpage with a URL (link) that records your fundraising journey, it can be set up for individuals or teams. You can tell your story about being a passionate AMRRIC supporter and share this link with your friends and family. Supporter pages let you, post updates, images and videos and sponsors can easily donate and leave a message of support.

If you would like advice about fundraising please get in touch with us. Here are some fun ideas to get you started:

  • Get your running shoes on and enter the City to Surf or the Melbourne Age Marathon, or any running event that challenges you.
  • Host a high tea
  • Hold a car wash in your street on Saturday morning
  • Hold a casual Fridays at work
  • Hold a garage sale to re-purpose all those unwanted items