Good One, Sick One- Ehrlichiosis Lesson Plan

Ehrlichiosis - a tick borne disease recently detected in Australia - has been impacting hundreds of dogs in both WA and the NT since May 2020. Ehrlichiosis is carried by brown dog ticks and infects dogs, which can have significant impacts on the health of dogs and...

Ehrlichiosis Animation

This animation has been developed by AMRRIC and collaborating partners to improve knowledge & awareness of Ehrlichiosis, a tick borne disease which was first detected in Australian in May 2020. This disease is carried by brown dog ticks, infects dogs and can have...

Felt Cat

This lesson plan aims to educates both children and adults on the impacts of free roaming cats on the environment and our native wildlife. The resource is a great visual teaching tool, helping to promote responsible cat ownership. The download includes teacher’s...

Don’t Match That Cat Game

This lesson plan for school years 2 to 4, aims to support students’ understandings of the predatory impacts of cats on native animals. Students participate in a fun and interactive memory game. The download includes teacher’s instructions and “Don’t Match That Cat”...

Dog’s Needs

This resource developed for school years Transition to 4, supports students understanding of the essential resource’s dogs need to remain happy and healthy. The download includes, Dogs Needs Language Activity.

Dogs Need Felt Kit

This lesson plan for school years Transition to 2, aims to share knowledge on the resources needed to ensure our dogs are happy and healthy. Students use an interactive felt family to create a healthy environment for their dogs.The download includes teacher’s...

Dog Safety, Tree or Rock

This lesson plan for school years Transition to 3, focuses on the importance of ensuring that children are equipped with the skills and knowledge to protect themselves against cheeky and unsafe dogs within their community. The download includes, Dog Feeling Cards and...

Dog Medication Maths

This resource developed for school years 5 to 6, assists in supporting students understanding of medications and the importance of accurately dosing. Students use fractions to work out medication dose rates for dogs. The download includes, Dog Medication Maths Sheet.

Dog Headband

This resource for school years 1 to 3, supports students in creating their own dog headband. An engaging craft activity, which students can design and then wear. The download includes Dog Headband template.

Dog Food Maths

This resource developed for school years 5 to 6, requires students to use their addition, multiplication and division skills, to accurately calculate dog feeding measurements. The download includes, Dog Food Maths worksheet.