National Desexing Month is coming in July!

Did you know that July is National Desexing Month?  

National Desexing Month is an initiative by the National Desexing Network, which encourages pet owners to have their pets desexed and help reduce the number of unwanted pets being born.

Australia is a pet loving-nation, which is really wonderful-our furry friends bring much love, companionship and joy. But sadly, we have an ongoing issue with an excess pet population, and many dogs and cats are euthanased each year. Desexing comes with a small degree of risk, but there are a range of benefits associated with desexing: desexed animals love longer, healthier lives, are less likely to wander and fight, cause a nuisance, or develop reproductive and mammary cancers.  

AMRRIC uses surgical desexing as our main tool in humane companion animal population management – see more about this work here. By sharing knowledge about desexing, and assisting communities to increase their rates of animals surgical desexed, we’re working together to achieve stable and healthy companion animal populations.

Beyond our work in remote Indigenous communities, we would love to see a reduction in our excess pet population nationally. You can play a role in this important action by getting your local government or veterinarian on board, by encouraging their involvement with National Desexing Month.   You can also play a role in encouraging other pet owners in your local government area to desex their pets. One way to do this is by getting in touch with your local government in the coming weeks, and suggest they participate in the Cooperative Desexing Programs in July-you can learn more here