UPDATE! AMRRIC assisting community driven outcomes in Wadeye.

Image: One of the beneficiaries of the TDC-delivered anti-parasitic program at Wadeye

Following on from our Wadeye news earlier in the year, the Thamarrurr Development Corporation (TDC) Healthy Homes team have been hard at work providing anti-parasitic treatments to Wadeye’s dogs and cats following training delivered by the AMRRIC Team in February. 

The AMRRIC Program delivery team were also delighted to get on the road and head to Wadeye in June 2021. Once again working closely with the TDC Healthy Homes team and supported by West Daly Regional Council, the 4-day visit saw the team set up for surgical desexing procedures in the special vet room that TDC, in collaboration with AMRRIC, have designed for veterinary visits to the community. Working alongside TDC Team Leader Tom and the many community-based Healthy Homes team members, the AMRRIC team hit the ground to speak with community members door to door and where necessary care for and transport surgical patients back and forth to the clinic. 

With the wonderful help of Sydney based AMRRIC Volunteer Veterinarian Dr Simone Armstrong, who made a big journey to join us, the team had a productive week, desexing 50 animals and providing veterinary care and anti-parasitic treatments to many more! The education team also got the chance to visit Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Thamarrurr School to provide an animal health education lesson focused on the tick-borne disease, Ehrlichiosis. 

With regular anti-parasitic rounds being delivered by the TDC Healthy Homes team within the community, Team Leader Tom Burgess says “We have been getting really great feedback from visitors and community members that the dogs are looking really healthy in Wadeye. We really appreciate AMRRIC’s support with anti-parasitic training for the team and the veterinary advice and support throughout the year” 

AMRRIC are happy to report that through recent efforts to provide support to remote communities in the face of Ehrlichiosis, a tick-borne disease which has severely affected the health of many dogs in places such as Wadeye, Elanco Animal Health’s recent donation of Credelio™, a flea and tick treatment for dogs has seen 720 doses find their way to Wadeye for the communities’ dogs. 

We would like to thank West Daly Regional Council for their support of the companion animal management program and the entire wonderful team at TDC for their help, in particular Team Leader Tom Burgess and Community Coordinator Lea Brady for their continuing dedication and support of AMRRIC’s work in Wadeye. We look forward to our next visit in 2022!

Michelle Hayes
Author: Michelle Hayes