This fun, catchy, and engaging music video uses the storytelling power of hip hop music to inspire Indigenous communities about animal health. 

The ‘Dog Mob Cat Crew’ educational music video features the deadly talents of local children from the remote community of Finke (Aputula) – a place of dog dreaming.

The ‘Dog Mob Cat Crew’ hip hop music video promotes responsible pet ownership to highlight how this leads to strong animals, strong health, and strong communities.

Creating the ‘Dog Mob Cat Crew’ music video was based on community centred creative practice which represents the intersection of collaboration, innovation, community, and culture.

AMRRIC enlisted the skills of award-winning music video producer Dion Brownfield from Grand Trine Creative who works with well-known Indigenous hop-hop artists including Baker Boy and Dallas Woods.

AMRRIC and Grand Trine Creative visited the Finke (Aputula) community and were hosted by Finke School, where students and staff explored the themes around being a responsible pet owner, and then wrote and recorded the song and music video to share the important messages in their own words.

“The result is a deadly track that will make you wanna get your claws out, flex your fur and start to purr!” said Mr Brownfield.

Michelle Hayes
Author: Michelle Hayes