AMRRIC is continually working to develop meaningful education programs and resources. What is the main aim and purpose of education you may wonder, well without education we cannot learn and therefore we are unable share new knowledge/information with the individuals around us. Education allows us to share new knowledge, thus empowering individuals to make well informed decisions regarding the health and wellbeing of their companion animals. 

We are excited to introduce our newest education resource, What Cat, That Cat… How Many Cats? This resource is an animation, illustrating the reproductive rates of cats. It highlights the implications of having one entire female cat and promotes the benefits of have cats desex.

AMRRIC has been working on this project for the past 12 months and we are extremely proud of the result. What Cat, That Cat…… How Many Cats? Was produced due to request from communities for an educational tool to help illustrate cat breeding. With assistance from the Charles Darwin University AMRRIC was placed in contact with animation student, Chris Carbajosa. Chris worked closely with our Education Officer, Courtney to develop the animation, ensuring that it represented remote veterinary delivery and community. It is a wonderfully designed and produced short clip, which we hope encourages and promotes the desexing of cats.

We look forward to sharing our animation with you all and hope that it assists in sharing knowledge of cat breeding and reproductive rates. While cats make wonderful companions, like any animals when we have too many, we encounter problems. Remember a great pet is a desex pet!

Frances Grant
Author: Frances Grant