The Ehrlichiosis animation is a fantastic visual resource which helps to raise awareness of the signs, transmission, and prevention of Ehrlichiosis – a new disease for Australia that is affecting many dogs in remote communities. It also highlights the benefits and necessity of using tick preventives to tackle Ehrlichiosis in communities.

Having the animation translated in multiple languages ensures the information is highly accessible to an even wider audience in remote communities.

Special thanks go to the following groups for their assistance in having these translations made:

Kriol Version – Meigim Kriol Stronghala Project from Ngukurr Language Centre

Anindilyakwa Version – Anindilyakwa Land Council, Anindilyakwa Media, and East Arnhem Regional Council 

Modern Tiwi – Aboriginal Interpreter Service

Walpiri – Aboriginal Interpreter Service

Eastern-Central Arrernte – Aboriginal Interpreter Service

Murrinh-Patha – Aboriginal Interpreter Service

Special thanks go to animator Christian Carbajosa as well, for compiling the final animation and it’s translations for release. 

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Michelle Hayes
Author: Michelle Hayes