AMRRIC and The Ark Animal Hospital Deliver Veterinary Services to Palmerston Indigenous Village

In April 2021, AMRRIC teamed up with their long-time partners at the Ark Animal Hospital to deliver one of their regular veterinary visits to Palmerston Indigenous Village (PIV), just outside of Darwin.

This long running program sees AMRRIC and The Ark Animal Hospital staff visiting PIV twice yearly to perform surgical desexing procedures and deliver antiparasitic medications to all the animals. Thanks to great engagement with community members and the regularity of the program, PIV has a fantastic rate of desexed animals and a very stable dog population with overall great health conditions.

The wonderful animal health and management outcomes at PIV are indicative of the

AMRRIC approach to animal management which sees veterinary services, community engagement, and education at the core of each of our programs. This ensures our programs have longevity and sustainability in having healthy animals, for healthy and happy communities.

As the program continues, AMRRIC will work with community members and stakeholders to ensure the highest level of animal management is consistently provided to the community.

In the future, this may include targeted education programs for children in the community and community events, as well as our regular veterinary visits.

Special thanks go to The Ark Animal Hospital, Yilli Rreung Housing, City of Palmerston, and the traditional owners of Palmerston Indigenous Village for making this program possible.


Author: RyanJones