Monitoring and Evaluating our work at Wadeye

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Ready to collect data! L to R: Tamara (ANU), Jason (Thamarrurr Rangers), Jerry (NT Environmental Health), Bonny (AMRRIC) and Boniface (Thamarrurr Rangers)

AMRRIC is committed to monitoring and evaluating our work to ensure that we continue to deliver best practice companion animal population health and management programs. 


In late June, 2019, AMRRIC’s Program Manger Strategic Delivery, Dr Bonny Cumming, along with AMRRIC partner veterinarian/program evaluator Dr Tamara Riley, flew toWadeye, NT to work with theThamarrurr Development Corporation Rangers to undertake the annual community-wide companion animal census.  


The numbers, condition and health of ku were (dog) and puthiket (cat) populations were recorded using AMRRIC’s custom-designed App. At the same time,all animals were offered broad-spectrum anti-parasite treatments. 


This was the third annual companion animal census that AMRRIC and Thamarrurr Rangers have undertaken at Wadeye. The data collected is helping AMRRIC and the Wadeye Animal Health Program collaborators to better understand the community’s animal health and management needs, in order to tailor the program going forward. 


With each annual census, thanks to the hard work of the rangers and veterinary service providers, Dr Riley’s data analysis is demonstrating: 

  • rising proportions of desexed animals 
  • slowing down of the population turn over, with more and more older animals observed each visit 
  • dog body condition scores increasing to ideal, or even ‘fat’ in a few cases 
  • reductions in parasites and associated skin conditions 
  • healthier animals with improved welfare. 


So what does all this mean? Well it’s One Health in action… Healthy animals and a healthier community! 


AMRRIC is thrilled that independent analysis is demonstrating the benefits that can be achieved from a One Health, collaborative and community-driven approach to animal health and management.  AMRRIC looks forward to Dr Riley’s further analysis, and future publications arising from the evaluation. 


The Wadeye Animal Health and Management Program is truly a collaborative effort, which wouldn’t be possible without: 

  • Thamarrurr Development Corporation and the Thamarrurr Rangers 
  • West Daly Regional Council 
  • AMRRIC partner evaluator Dr Tamara Riley and her teamThe Australian National University 
  • AMRRIC partner veterinary service providers 
  • NT Health – Environmental Health 
  • The Australian Government, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet for supporting AMRRIC’s continued operations in the Northern Territory. 
Frances Grant
Author: Frances Grant