Vetprac x AMRRIC Webinar Series: Emerging Ehrlichiosis

AMRRIC has partnered with Vetprac on a two-part web series on the impacts, diagnosis, and treatment of ehrlichiosis in dogs. The brown dog tick is found across half of Australia, and as Ehrlichia canis spreads throughout the brown tick population, it’s important to consider the potential of its presence in new regions. The sessions will take place in the evenings of the 21st and 28th June. 

The web series will outline how veterinary practitioners can prepare their clinics for clients of ehrlichiosis, identify the habits of the brown dog tick, and facilitate ways to hone clinical suspicion of ehrlichiosis. AMRRIC’s Program Manager – Strategic Delivery Dr Bonny Cumming will be presenting in the first week, introducing ehrlichiosis as a population health issue in rural Australia, and its impacts and implications for Indigenous culture and One Health. The session will provide case studies and an open Q&A forum to share firsthand clinical experience. 

Vets from around Australia should be prepared to see clinical cases of ehrlichiosis, even outside of the habitat of the brown dog tick – as the parasite can travel within the dogs that it infects.  

The cost for the course is $110 and all profits from the sessions will be donated to AMRRIC to support front-line veterinary work. To make an investment into your veterinary practice, learn more about the Emerging Ehrlichiosis course and sign up here.