Webinar: What the new dog disease, Ehrlichiosis, means for Local Government

This webinar, presented by Dr Bonny Cumming provides an overview of the new the tick-borne disease Ehrlichiosis. The webinar was hosted by AIAM – the Australian Institute of Animal Management.

First detected in Australian dogs in May of 2020, the disease is caused by a bacterium – Ehrlichia canis – which is spread between dogs by the brown dog tick (Rhipicephalus Sanguineus). For dogs, the disease can be fatal, and there is a small risk that the disease could also be zoonotic (transferred to people via the bite of an infected tick). In this presentation, recorded in June 2021, Bonny provides an overview of this new disease, its impacts and advice for local governments on how manage the risks associated with ehrlichiosis.

For more information on Ehrlichiosis, please see AMRRIC’s Ehrlichiosis FAQs.

Dr Cumming is a veterinarian and Program Manager – Strategic Delivery for AMRRIC – a national not-for-profit organisation that coordinates veterinary and education programs in rural and remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Bonny’s role with AMRRIC is diverse and includes establishing and managing strategic partnerships and projects, monitoring and evaluation, managing the development of the AMRRIC App, and policy and protocol development. Bonny has a keen interest in One Health principles; combining community development, veterinary services and environmental conservation to improve animal, human and ecosystem health.

Author: RyanJones