You put the smile on their faces

Thank you to all of our very generous donors who pledged their support to provide anti-parasitic treatments to rural and remote Indigenous communities.

Our recent campaign on Facebook has been a great success raising much needed funds to provide 479 one monthly treatments to dogs in rural and remote indigenous communities!! Thank you!!

This will help rural and remote Indigenous communities to keep their dogs protected from the potentially dangerous Ehrlichiosis disease. These anti-parasitic treatments can treat a range of other skin conditions to help these dogs to be healthy and in turn their communities healthy.

You may have already heard about the serious tick-borne disease called Ehrlichiosis which is carried by brown dog ticks and infects dogs, causing life-threatening illness. We’ve sadly had confirmation that this disease is spreading further. That is why donations to provide anti-parasitic treatments are more important than ever – thank you so very much.

We know that a lot of our supporters are dog lovers so we want to make sure that you know how serious this new disease can be in some areas. If you have a dog of your own, or know someone who does, it is vital that precautions to protect it are taken, as it is extremely unlikely that the outbreak will be controlled any time soon. Prevention in the form of anti-parasitic treatments to ward off ticks is critical.

For more information please visit our website here.

We’re delighted to have a new business supporter in Big Dog Pet Foods. Learning of our antiparasite campaign and the urgency with the rapid spread of ehrlichiosis, Big Dog’s Manager, Chris Essex jumped on board with a donation to treat 100 dogs with two month’s worth of antiparasitic treatment. Thanks so much to all at Big Dog Pet Foods!

There are still a great many dogs in rural and remote Indigenous communities that need anti-parasitic treatments. The wet season in the Top End has provided great conditions for the brown dog tick to thrive so we must act quickly.

If you can manage a donation to help support our ongoing efforts to assist Indigenous communities to keep their companion animals protected and healthy, please donate here. If you would like to receive updates about Ehrlichiosis via text, please add your mobile number to the donation form.

Frances Grant
Author: Frances Grant