Salmonella – zoonoses fact sheet

Salmonella - zoonoses fact sheet contains information including, what is salmonella, how is it spread, how dogs have a role in spreading salmonella. Gastrointestinal diseases are a major problem in young children in Indigenous communities, and an important factor in...

Ringworm – zoonoses fact sheet

Ringworm - zoonoses fact sheet Ringworm is fungal skin disease tha can be shared between people and animals. The ringworm fact sheet answers questions including: what is ringworm? how does ringworm make people and dogs sick? how do we treat ringworm? where does it...

Recognising feelings cards

Recognising feelings cards is a list of A4 cards each showing a drawing of a dog or human face expressing feelings (such as happy, angry, sad, worried and hot) or corresponding text (e.g. I am happy, I am angry). Print the sheets off and get students to group...

Recognising feelings activity sheet

Description: Helps students understand how to recognise dog feelings by looking at the dog’s body language. Also helps students recognise that people and dogs share emotions like fear, anger and happiness. Each page has three columns: a list of dog images, a list of...

Pups ‘n’ Bubs DVD

A DVD resource containing songs that celebrates living with dogs in remote communities. The songs also promote specific health, welfare and safety messages to children. Please visit the link below to order your copy

My Happy Dog Story Book

My Happy Dog story book is a short activity for students in lower primary school. Students draw pictures of things their dog needs to be happy as illustrations to the story. Key words: English, dog’s needs, dog feelings, happy, story, draw, primary, school.

Limurrug Waṯu Mala – Our Dogs

Limurruŋ Waṯu Mala - Our Dogs is a resource for school children in Djambarrpuyŋu. Story by AMRRICIllustrations by AMRRICFirst published in 2015 Published by Shepherdson College, Literature Production Centre.Galiwin'ku, Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia

Leptospirosis – zoonoses fact sheet

Leptospirosis - zoonoses fact sheet Leptospirosis is a sickness caused by the bacteria Leptospira. This fact sheet contains information including: What is Leptospirosis? Where do we find Leptospirosis? How does Leptospirosis spread and how does it make dogs and people...