Indigenous language versions of Ehrlichiosis animation now available on ICTV

Have you checked out Indigenous Community Television (ICTV)? 

ICTV produces, supports and enables sharing of video content in Indigenous communities in Australia, via a TV channel in Alice Springs and Broome, and online. It includes content both produced by, and created for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. As part of an inLanguage project, ICTV Play includes a suite of content in over Indigenous language, with dedicated pages for 26 selected languages and language groups. It’s a fantastic resource!

Recently, AMRRIC’s ehrlichioisis animation (currently available in Anindilyakwa, Central/Eastern Arrernte, Eastside Kriol, Modern Tiwi, Murrinh-Patha and Walpiri) were added to ICTV Play. You can check out Tick Sickness in Anindilyakwa on ICTV Play here. 

AMRRIC has a strong commitment to translating key communications materials and resources into Indigenous languages, and sharing these resources through a range of channels. Unlike translation into widely spoken languages such as Spanish and Mandarin, which typically have a long history, dictionaries and a range of written resources, many speakers and readily available translation services, the translation process for the array of Indigenous languages is more challenging and usually quite time consuming, with speakers who are fluent in both their own language and English often in high demand.  Despite these challenges, AMRRIC knows how important it is for communities to have access to this vital information.

AMRRIC continues to work with project partners to translate other resources, and will share them in future eNews editions as they are developed.