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Training Environmental Health Workers to deliver dog health education in schools

18 Aug 2016 - News, Animal management worker program, Education program news
Last week AMRRIC Education Officer Melissa Pepper travelled to the Torres Strait to provide training to Torres Strait Islands Regional Council (TSIRC) Environmental Health Workers (EHWs) in the delivery of school based dog health education. As part of their role, EHWs in remote communities are responsible for animal management which involves...

Kalumburu One Health program update - thank you to our supporters

15 Aug 2016 - News
The AMRRIC team visited Kalumburu in late July and delivered veterinary services and an education program to this very isolated community.  Kalumburu is one of the most remote communities in Australia, on the north Kimberley coast of WA where access to any type of service is hard to come by. With your support, we’ve been able to humanely improve...

Overseas Veterinary Volunteer Opportunities

10 Aug 2016 - News, Volunteer stories
Do you want to apply your skills to a worthy cause? Many organisations welcome veterinary volunteers. Please contact these organisations directly for more information. Please note AMRRIC is not affiliated with any of these organisations. Cook Islands Te Are Manu Veterinary Clinic is a community based initiative that relies on the generosity of...

AMRRIC partners with Community Sector Banking to improve animal and community health

27 Jul 2016 - News
A big part of AMRRIC’s work involves collaboration to provide the best outcomes for animal and community health in remote Indigenous Australian communities. One important partnership that has helped us to complete this work has been with Community Sector Banking, who are the only banking service in Australia solely dedicated to not-for-profits.  ...

Collaboration is the key to One Health

21 Jun 2016 - News
Recently AMRRIC project manager Bonny Cumming presented at the Australian Veterinary Association conference as part of the public health theme. Bonny shares the abstract Camp dogs, communities and collaboration here. Remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are often a hive of activity with swarms of fly-in-fly-out service...

Everyday heroes can change the world!

19 Jun 2016 - News
Your support means a lot to us, so we wanted to let you know that there is a great opportunity to make a difference by competing for AMRRIC in the Sydney City to Surf held on Sunday, August 14, 2016.If you have a passion for making the world a better place for pets then its time to become a community fundraiser for AMRRIC. By creating an online...

AMRRIC at the Compass Teaching and Learning Conference

29 May 2016 - News
AMRRIC staff Courtney Falls and Emma Host, along with office dog Kuri, attended the Compass Teaching and Learning Conference in Darwin on 14th May to fly the AMRRIC banner. The Compass Teaching and Learning Conference is a wonderful event run by the Northern Territory PHN which brings together health professionals who work in remote communities so...

Volunteer spotlight - Michelle Hayes working with the Canberra Mob

25 May 2016 - News, Volunteer stories
During March AMRRIC volunteer Michelle Hayes joined the Canberra Mob Indigenous Dog Health for their veterinary program in the Utopia region.  Michelle and the team worked in many communities and outstations, including Antjere, Arlparra, Rocket Range, Camel camp, Amplutiwaja, and Engawala. Thank you to the Canberra Mob for hosting our AMRRIC...

A health lesson in caring for your family dog

24 May 2016 - News, Education program news
Caring for dogs requires considerable learned knowledge.  By engaging community members in discussions about caring for dogs, AMRRIC education programs reinforce basic health concepts.   AMRRIC (Animal Management in Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities) coordinates veterinary and education programs in remote Indigenous communities.  Our...

AMRRIC team contributes to canine transmissible cancer research

22 May 2016 - News
Veterinarians, AMRRIC Program Manager Jan Allen, Board Member Stephen Cutter and Board President Ted Donelan are co-authors of the ground breaking dog cancer research paper - Mitochondrial genetic diversity, selection and recombination in a canine transmissible cancer.  This significant research shows how the world’s oldest cancer “metastasised”...


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