Ehrlichiosis – a tick borne disease recently detected in Australia – has been impacting hundreds of dogs in both WA and the NT since May 2020. Ehrlichiosis is carried by brown dog ticks and infects dogs, which can have significant impacts on the health of dogs and potentially humans.

Since the detection of this disease, AMRRIC has been working on developing culturally appropriate educational materials about this new disease and how it can be prevented.

Aimed at children in years two to five, this resource aim to improve the knowledge and awareness of Ehrlichiosis and the signs of sickness that it causes. This resource is a fun interactive game focusing on the signs of Ehrlichiosis using a video and printed images. Participants must match the pictures of the dog to the corresponding category (a healthy or sick dog). The lesson plan contains instructions and templates for all necessary materials.

Please contact the AMRRIC Education team for any questions relating to the education material.

Frances Grant
Author: Frances Grant